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                Hassan Zakaria is a Syrian artist living and working in Stavanger. He received his academic education from Homs Fine Art Center (Subhi Shuaib) in Syria.

On his artistic journey, Zakaria was inspired by the contemporary Syrian art movement which aims at liberating one from the repressive political system and envisions a more liberal and humanitarian future.

Before the war in Syria, Zakaria participated in several art exhibitions and workshops for young Syrian and international artists such as the Syrian-Scandinavian art workshop in Palmira in 2005. In 2008, he moved to Abu Dhabi where he participated in many exhibitions hosted by the art and culture center in Abu Dhabi. Most of Zakaria’s artworks from that period, portraying his memories of the beautiful nature of his homeland, witness the development of his particular abstract impressionist style.

Zakaria moved to Narvik, Norway, in 2012. His first solo exhibition in Norway, entitled "Syria in Colours" and influenced by the Syrian war, took place in 2014. "Syria in Colours” epitomized the ambition of his generation, the dreams of his own, the pain and suffering of his people, who are fighting for their freedom, for their basic human rights, and for their survival in the face of the annihilation and genocide currently taking place all over the Syrian soil.

During his time in Norway, Zakaria learned about art history through his frequent trips to and exhibitions in Europe, among which Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, and France. He displayed his artworks at the Nomada exhibition in Barcelona in 2015. In 2018, Zakaria moved to Stavanger and since then he has been organizing art workshops in classical drawing at Sølvberget Bibliotek and Kulturhus.

After moving to Stavanger, Hassan’s art style changed completely from art affected by war to art that defines the self. Through his current exhibition "Floating on The Surface", Zakaria tries to portray the self-honesty in the form of abstract expressions using the line action, color field, and his own experience.

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